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Selasa, 06 Januari 2015


1.      What kind of letter should you writer when you want to know about the newest products, price list or term of payment from a manufacturer ?
a.      A letter of order
b.      A letter of enquiry
c.      A letter of refusal
d.      A letter of complain

2.      What should they usually do after they have received the reply of their Enquiry Lotter?
a.      Write a letter of order
b.      Write a letter of Refusal
c.      Write a letter of complain
d.      Write a letter of invitation

3.      The purpose of letter of Enquiry is ...
a.      To convey a symphaty
b.      To apply for a job
c.      To get an interview
d.      To get some information

4.      Which of the following represents a salutation of a letter ?
a.      Yours faitfully,
b.       Regards,
c.       Dear sir,
d.       Yours sincerely,

5.      We’re looking forwards to meeting you on December 25th. The above sentence is the example of..
a.      Closing paragraph
b.      Complementary close
c.      Opening paragraph
d.      Body of the letter

6.      Which of the following belongs to the tone of the letter ?
a.      To look forward to
b.      To symphatyse
c.      To get attention
d.      To remind a customer

7.      They have reserved their guests ... for 24th December 2013.
a.      Through a hotel
b.      On a hotel
c.      Into a hotel
d.      At the hotel

8.      We ... at Soekarno-Hatta Airport at 11.30 a.m.
a.      Shall reserve you
b.      Shall cancel you
c.      Shall  endeavour you
d.      Shall meet you

9.      Mr. Iskandar booked Helen Jones ... to Denpasar.
a.      in a flight
b.      On a flight
c.      Into a flight
d.      Through a flight

10.   yours Faitfully’ is used (written) only when the salutation is...
a.      Dear Sir,
b.      My Dear Linda,
c.      Dear Larseen
d.      Dear Mr. Brown

11.  Dear Mr. Chandra,
Are you aware that your car has been parked in front of my gate ? I shall have to take the matter further. The tone of the above letter is ..
a.      To inform
b.      To apologize
c.      To threaten
d.      To symphatyse

12.  ... is another word for ‘arranged’.
a.      Finalised
b.      Laid on
c.      Reserved
d.      Delighted

13.   Which part of a memo is not necessarily written ?
a.      The subject of the memo
b.      The date of the memo
c.      The sender of the memo
d.      Yhe opening and closing phrases

14.  know how’ is another word for...
a.    Practical knowledge
b.    Little knowledge
c.    Knowing to much
d.    Not knowing the problem

15.   We would be grateful if you could send us brochures and pricelist of your new products. The about statement is usually found in ....
a.    Invitation letter
b.    Complain letter
c.    Enquiry letter
d.    Recommendation letter

16.   The passive-form of ‘people make batik in Indonesia’ is ...
a.    Batik made by people in Indonesia
b.    Batik is made in Indonesia
c.    Batik Indonesia made by people
d.    In Indonesia people make batik

17.   The passive – voice of ‘Did the noise frighten you ?’ is ...
a.    Did you frightened by nuise ?
b.    Do you frightened by nuise ?
c.    Were you frightened by nuise ?
d.    Are you frightened by nuise ?

18.   What is the passive – voice of ‘Rendra has written these short stories’ is ....
a.      These short stories has been written by Rendra
b.      These short stories by Rendra written
c.      These short stories written by Rendra
d.      These short stories have been written by Rendra

19.  The active – voice of ‘ my brotheer has never been beaten at tennis’ is ...
a.      No one have ever beaten my brother at tennis
b.      No one has ever beaten my brother at tennis
c.      My brother no one have beat at tennis
d.      My brother has beaten no one at tennis

20.   The active-voice of ‘this murder will be forgotten in a few years time’ is ...
a.      People will forget this murder in a few years time
b.      People will forgetten this murder in a few years time
c.      This murder will forget people in a few years time
d.      This murder be forgetten people in a few years time

21.  The correct date of business letter in Britiish style is ...
a.      12-22-2013
b.      December, twenty-second
c.      22nd December, 2013
d.      December 22nd, 2013

22.  Following are things that can be found in an enquiry letter, except :
a.      Sample of products
b.      Unfortunate damage
c.      Terms of payment
d.      Method of delivery

23.  We have reserved a room for you at the Grand Hotel for the 24th and 25th of December. The above statement is usually found in ...
a.      An application letter
b.      An enquiry letter
c.      A complaint letter
d.      An invitation letter

24.  Which of the following shows refusal  ?
a.      We consider
b.      We regret
c.      We recommend
d.      We acknowled

25.  Which of the following phrase refers to making request ?
a.    You will appriciate
b.    Do not hesitate
c.    We look forward to
d.    We will be only too happy to

26.  ‘Stell factory’ belongs to ...
a.      Home industry
b.      Massive industry
c.      Light industry
d.      Heavy industry

27.  The word ‘plant; is similar to ...
a.      Plantation
b.      Planning
c.      Factory
d.      Have in mind

28.  In a business letter, what is usually found after ‘yours sincerely’ ?
a.     Signature
b.     Salutation
c.      Full name
d.     Closing phrase

29.  ...... should be kept in file – memos.
a.    Records of letters
b.    Records of telephone calls
c.    Out going business letters
d.    Letters of recommendation

30.  You are a bank manager. A newly estalished importer wanted a bank loan but you are unable to grant him the loan. What kind of letter should you write ?
a.      A letter of Invitation
b.      A letter of enquiry
c.      A letter of refusal
d.      A letter of complaint

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